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Bed of Nails (ME-K-BN)

Bed of Nails (ME-K-BN)

Demonstrates that when force is distributed uniformly over a large area (even many nail points) pressure is low.


1.  Bed of nails (Nails should be spaced evenly 1/2 in. apart)
2.  Board approx. 8” x 3’
3.  Log (optional)
4.  Towel or pillow to use as headrest.

  • Description

    Product Description


    1.  Place the small board on one end of the bed and sit on it.
    2.  Carefully lay down on the bed.
    3.  Remove small board.
    4.  If desired, after subject is lying on the bed, you may add a heavy weight such as the log.
    5.  To rise from the bed, replace the small board and help the subject up.