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Beaker Breaking Demo (OW-D-BB)

Beaker Breaking Demo (OW-D-BB)

Demonstrates the power of harmonic resonance.

1.  Oscilloscope (T 922)
2.  McIntosh 250 audio amplifier (amp)
3.  Pasco 9587 function generator on wooden support (over amp.)
4.  Microphone, lamp, & plexiglas tube assembled on insulated panels
5.  Speaker w/  styrofoam stand
6.  400 ml beaker (freq. marked & in box)
7.  Power strip
8.  2 BNC-DB lead
9.  Adaptor, BNC-f to  RCA-m
10.  Lab jack

Hand out card of instructions (in pocket on back of demo sheet) w/ the equipment for this demo.


  • Description

    Product Description


    1.  Set up as shown — below & facing page pics.  [Microphone to y-scope.  Alligator clips from speaker to amp — Cu wires.  Adapter to lower rt. side of amp & by BNC-DB to funct. gen–hi side.  BNC-DB from funct. gen. to x-scope].
    2.  Set amp ‘mono gain’ knob low, amplitude on funct. gen at half.  Slowly increase amp setting until sound is audible.  Check for Lissajous trace on scope.
    3.  Vary frequency with funct. gen. until resonance is found–(typically around 1400 hz).  See attached card on back for details on resonance.
    4.  When you’re ready to shatter the beaker, quickly and briefly increase volume.