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Atwood Machine (ME-G-AM)

Atwood Machine (ME-G-AM)

A good test of Newton’s Second Law.


1.  Lab stand
2.  2  5g weight hangers
3.  4’ thin yellow string(already on card )
4.  Atwood pulley w/ clamp
5.  Slotted weight set
6.  Box of small weights (1, 2, 5 grams)
7.  Stopwatch
8.  Telescope clamp
9.  Meter stick

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    Product Description


    1.  Place string over atwood pulley and hang weight hanger on each end.  Place an equal amount of weight on each hanger.
    2.  Shift some weight from one hanger to the other.
    3.  Measure fall distance.
    4.  Time fall with each weight change.
    5.  Observe the acceleration as one side becomes heavier.