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Archimedes Balancing Bar (ME-B-AB)

Archimedes Balancing Bar (ME-B-AB)

Proves that the buoyant force on an immersed object equals the weight of the water it displaces.


1. Lab pole w/ hole drilled near one end, pivot rod, conduit tube (1’ long), 2-90deg clamp, & 1 hook clamp
2. Brass bucket & aluminum cylinder set
3. Lab stand
4. Lab jack
5. Nalgene container (7” tall)
6. 1 gallon container of water
7. 1 500 mL bottle of water

  • Description

    Product Description


    1. Set up as shown. Adjust the hook clamp position until the lab pole balances (the pole should be parallel to the conduit).
    2. Fill the tank to 3/4” from the top so that the cylinder is immersed in water. The buoyant force causes the system to unbalance.
    3. Using the 500 mL drink bottle, fill the top bucket with water. Note the system rebalances.