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Archemides Historical Crown Demo (FM-B-AH)

Archemides Historical Crown Demo (FM-B-AH)

Demonstrates how Archimedes’ may have proved that the King’s crown was not of pure gold.


1.  Equal arm balance
2.  King’s crown (mass w/ nut on top)
3.  100 g hooked mass
4.  2  400 ml beakers

Check water availability

  • Description

    Product Description


    1. To balance ‘crown’ w/ equal mass of ‘pure gold’, hang crown on left side (as shown), 100 g mass on other side.  Move slider mass to balance.  IF crown is pure an equal mass of gold has same volume & thus same buoyant force acting on it.
    2.  Fill each beaker with water & lift to  immerse both hanging masses.  Notice that crown is buoyed up more than equal mass of gold.  The crown contains lighter metals (higher volume for equal mass)

    EUREKA!!! The king has been swindled!