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Air/Water Lenses (OP-A-AL)

Air/Water Lenses (OP-A-AL)

Demonstrates refraction of light through two mediums, air and water.


1.  Uniphase orange laser & power supply
2.  Lab pole
3.  Three-finger clamp
4.  90° clamp
5.  Kit containing beam splitter & holder & support bars
6.  Tank w/ water & creamer
7.  2 air lens cells & stoppers (convex & concave)   (store in box)


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  • Description

    Product Description


    1.  Show parallel rays of light formed as laser light passes through beam splitter and tank of water.
    2.  Hold convex cell filled w/ air in the water tank.  Align it so the rays pass through convex sides of cell.  Notice the divergence of rays.
    3.  Repeat with the concave cell.  Notice the convergence of the rays.

    Option:  The expected convex / concave affects associated w/ glass lenses can be shown by filling each cell w/ water & passing laser through it.