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Air Track, Pasco (ME-G-AP)

Air Track, Pasco (ME-G-AP)

Demonstrates Newton’s 2nd Law of Motion.


1.  Air track
2.  Air source
3.  Pasco accessory kit
4.  String
5.  Digital stopwatch
6.  Long wood board
7.  C-Clamp

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  • Description

    Product Description


    1.  Set up as shown below.  Attach the string to the cart by putting a loop under the bumper guard attachment then bringing the string over the top of the bumper guard.
    2.  Attach a bumper guard at the left end of the track and the pulley accessory at the right end.  Hang the weight holder & weights on the end of the string as shown.
    3.  Turn on air source.
    4.  Time the glider’s acceleration with the stopwatch.
    5.  Vary the weight and repeat step 3.
    6.  Does the acceleration change?