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Air Track, Mechanical Filter (OW-A-AM)

Air Track, Mechanical Filter (OW-A-AM)

Waves cannot propagate when the frequency of vibration exceeds a critical frequency.


1.  Air track
2.  Air source & hose
3.  6 gliders
4.  7 springs
(Have to combine air track kits to get enough springs & gliders)
5.  Long wood board
6.  C-Clamp

  • Description

    Product Description


    1.  Attach track to air source.
    2.  Connect gliders with springs, alternating sides of the track between gliders.
    3.  Turn air source on.
    4.  Oscillate glider A with a frequency below the critical frequency and observe wave       propagation along the track.
    5.  Oscillate glider A with a frequency above 1 Hz and observe that the wave will not       propagate along the track.