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Air Resistance Balloons (FM-C-AR)

Air Resistance Balloons (FM-C-AR)

Demonstrates the force of air friction on objects of various masses and sizes.


1. 4 balloons (of same size & type)
2.  String (18”)
3. 2 balloons each d = 10 cm 1 w/ penny inside
4. 2 balloons d = 6 cm and d = 12 cm attached by string       


  • Description

    Product Description


    1.  Blow 2 similar balloons to 10 cm diameter.  Put a penny in one balloon.  Drop both at same time and compare fall rate.
    2.  Blow one balloon to 12 cm diameter and one to 6 cm diameter.  Attach the 2 balloons with about 18” of string.  Drop at same time & compare fall rate.