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Action Reaction Cannon (ME-H-AC)

Action Reaction Cannon (ME-H-AC)

A piezoelectric device ignites an alcohol/air mixture shooting a rubber stopper one direction.  The cart moves in the opposite direction.


1. Bottle w/ velcro
2. Dynamics cart w/ velcro
3.  Piezoelectric igniter
4.  #8 rubber stopper
5.  Isopropyl or ethyl alcohol

Special Note:  Fresh air has to fill the bottle after every use.  Extra fuel may not be required each time.

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  • Description

    Product Description


    1. Put 1/2 dropper full of alcohol in the bottle.  Caution–too much alcohol Is unsafe.
    2. Lightly push the cork into the mouth of the bottle and swirl the alcohol around.
    3. Place the bottle on the cart w/ the velcro pads making contact.
    4. Standing clear of the cart’s path, push the piezoelectric lighter. The cork should pop out of the bottle.