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AC/DC Induction (EM-K-AC)

AC/DC Induction (EM-K-AC)

Current is induced as a changing B field cuts a  coil and again as a moving coil cuts a steady B field.


1.  Galvanometer
2.  Yellow coil of wire (stored in box)
3.  Electromagnetic solenoid with wooden dowel & core
4.  Edison cell battery
5.  Large Demo Multimeter
6.  Variac
7.  2 B-A leads

  • Description

    Product Description


    1. With items attached as below for the AC demonstration, show the voltage or current that flows through the coil as the AC circuit creates alternating building and collapsing fields in the electromagnet.
    2. With the coil attached to galvanometer and the electromagnet attached to battery move the coil back and forth and see current flow through galvanometer.