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Absolute Demonstrator (TH-E-AZ)

Absolute Demonstrator (TH-E-AZ)

Demonstrates that decreasing pressure is correlated with decreasing temperature.

1.  Absolute zero demonstrator and thermometer
2.  Large coffee pot w/ boiling water
3.  Large-mouth dewar with a slurry of ice and water
4.  Large-mouth dewar with liquid nitrogen or dry ice pellet
5.  Meter stick     

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  • Description

    Product Description


    1.  Submerge bulb in liquids of known temperature (boiling water at 100°C, ice water at 0°C, liquid nitrogen at  -195.8 °C or dry ice at -78.5°C).
    2.  Observe and record the corresponding gauge reading for each liquid.
    3.  Plot pressure vs. temperature.
    4.  Extrapolate a line to zero pressure.

                            Pressure               Temp.
    LN2                          4.5                   -195.8°C
    Ice water           14                            0 °C
    Hot water         18                         91°C