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Electrostatic Twirl

Demo Code: EM-A-ET
Pira Index: 5A 20.10

Video link: Electrostatic twirl

Lab Equipment Direction
1. 3 PVC pipes (exactly alike)

2.  Lab Stand

3.  String

4. Short lab Pole

5. 90 degree clamp

6. Paper towel

7. Plexiglass charging rod (same size as PVC)

1.  Suspend one PVC pipe on a string as shown and loop the straight string over the lab pole. 2.  Charge the suspended pipe by rubbing it with paper towel.3.  Charge another pipe and bring it near the suspended one. Observe.

4.  Charge the 3rd pipe and bring 2 charge pipes near the suspended one. Compare the effect of two pipes with the effect of only one pipe.

5. Charge the acrylic rod w/the paper towel and watch it attract the hanging PVC pipe.

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