Electro-Magnetic Rail Demo

Demo: EM-H-ER
Pira Index: 5H 40.71

 Lab Equipment  Directions
  1.  Train track
  2. Brass rod (internal magnets)
  3. 1-D cell (or C-cell)
  4. Metal battery holder
  5. 2 B-A leads
Clean the rail and connecting points on the rod with a pencil eraser
  1.  Set up as shown. Be sure all conducting surfaces are cleaned with pencil eraser and soft cloth.
  2. Touch the leads to the ends of the cells and the rod rolls down the track. Touch the leads to the opposite ends of the cells and the rod reverses its direction.
The magnet rod is made by putting two small cylindrical magnets into a copper tube so that like poles point at each end of copper tube. When they are aligned as in diagram below and current flows as shown, using right hand rule, force applied on bottom of tube gives it a forward torque, top a backward torque, and rod would roll to left.