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Lead Bell

[youtube id=”848JnOaKKUU” width=”405″ height=”228″]

Demo: TH-A-LB
Pira Index: 4A 40.10

Demonstrates the effects of temperature on the properties of materials.

Fuel Cell

[youtube id=”k8bMyqd7xUc&feature=c4-overview&list=UUJm707yMJlGpl9oCMpKtLGQ” width=”405″ height=”228″]

Demo: MP-A-FC
Pira Index: 7A 10.90

Demonstrates the solar breakdown of water and the recombining of hydrogen and oxygen to release electrical energy.

Demo Electroscope, video

[youtube id=”zISeODluhh8&feature=c4-overview&list=UUJm707yMJlGpl9oCMpKtLGQ” width=”405″ height=”228″]

Demo Code: EM-A-DE
Pira Index: 5A 10.10

Demonstration showing the presence of static charge.

Super Cooled H2O

[youtube id=”xP0iwiTOt8U&feature=c4-overview&list=UUJm707yMJlGpl9oCMpKtLGQ” width=”405″ height=”228″]

Pira Index:

While ice at standard pressure will melt zero degree C, water can sometime be cooled below this temperature and remain a liquid. This is an example of supercooling. Liquid water in this state is unstable. Ice formation can be nucleation site. As the ice forms, the temperaturre will increase due to the latent heat of the ice water transition of 80 calories/gram.

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Video by Christine Hanson
Demo Description by Dr Steven W. McCauley