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Strobe Fan

Demo: OP-J-SF
Pira Index: 6J 11.32

 Lab Equipment  Directions
  1.  Box fan
  2. strobe light
  1.  Turn the fan on and illuminate it with the strobe light.
  2. Turn off the room lights and adjust the speed of the strobe until the fan blades appear to stop rotating and then start to reverse.

Pseudo-Color Disc

Demo: OP-J-PD
Pira Index: 6J 11.11

 Lab Equipment  Directions
  1.  Pseudo-Color disc or paper disk on CD with penny
  2. B&W video camera with rod attached
  3. TV monitor with video cord
  4. telescope clamp
  5. lab pole
  6. 90 degree clamp
  7. watch glass
  8. foam strip
  1.  Set up camera above monitor as shown. Place the foam strip between the lab pole and the monitor to steady the camera arm.
  2. Plug the TV video cord into the back of the camera (BNC connection) and turn on the TV.
  3. Remove the camera lens cover and focus the camera on the black and white disk setting in the watch glass on top of the monitor.
  4. Spin the disc and watch colors appear on the B&W monitor.