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Pasco Dynamics Carts

Demo: ME-H-PD
Pira Index: 1H 10.00

 Lab Equipment  Directions
  1.  Pasco dynamics carts
  2. silver mass bars
  3. Pasco scientific track
  4. accessory kit
  5. small orange-red construction cone
  6. pivot angle iron
  7. heavy mass door stop
  1.  Set up as shown.
  2. Push the spring-loaded “ram” of one cart inside of it and lock it in position.
  3. Place that cart behind the other cart so they just touch, with the “ram” in between. Balance the 2 carts at midtrack (marked by cone) on one of the mass bars.
  4. Tap the “ram” release buttom to send the two carts in opposite directions.
  5. Observe the track stays balanced as the carts travel.
  6. Add masses to one cart and repeat. The track will stay balanced.

Popping the Cork

Demo: ME-H-PC
Pira Index: 1H 10.00

 Lab Equipment  Directions
  1.  ring stand
  2. wire loop
  3. 2 straight wire supports
  4. brass cylinder
  5. rubber stopper
  6. propane torch
  1.  Fill the brass tube about 1/16 full of water and place the stopper in the end.
  2. Set up the equipment as shown.
  3. Heat the brass tube with the torch.
  4. Note that the tube and cork fly in opposite directions.
Caution: Be sure stopper and tube are aimed away from students.


Fan Cart

Demo: ME-H-FC
Pira Index: 1H 10.20

 Lab Equipment  Directions
  1.  fan cart
  2. custom cut pie tin with velcro
  3. file folder (tan)
  1.  With plate in place (pie tin facing away from the fan), turn the fan on.
  2. Hold a file folder between the plate and the fan and the cart will move. (Do not let the file folder touch the fan cart)
  3. Remove the plate and the cart will move.
  4. Attach the plate with pie tin facing fan. Note that the cart moves in the opposite direction.


Action Reaction Hopper Popper

Demo: ME-H-AR
Pira Index: 1H 10.00

 Lab Equipment  Directions
  1.  1 meter metal ruler
  2. hopper popper
  3. 2 heavy books
  1.  Set up as shown with ruler between books on the edge of the cart or table.
  2. Turn the hopper popper ‘inside out’ and set it on the end of the ruler.
  3. When the hopper popper pops back into its rounded shape, it flies upward and the end of the metal ruler is pushed downward.


Action Reaction Cannon

Demo: ME-H-AC
Pira Index: 1H 11.30

 Lab Equipment  Directions
  1.  bottle with velcro
  2. dynamics cart with velcro
  3. piezoelectric igniter
  4. #8 rubber stopper
  5. isopropyl or ethyl alcohol
  1.  Put 1/2 dropper full of alcohol in the bottle. Caution: too much alcohol is unsafe.
  2. Lightly push the cork into the mouth of the bottle and swirl the alcohol around.
  3. Place the bottle on the cart with the velcro pads making contact.
  4. Standing clear of the cart’s path push the piezoelectric lighter. The cork should pop out of the bottle.