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Buoyancy Film Canister

Demo: FM-B-BC
Pira Index: 2B 40.00

Lab Equipment  Directions
  1. film canister set with 9 large shots and 1 small shot
  2. large clear tank filled 3/4 with water
Note: Please make sure shots are dry before putting them away to pre
  1. Place 8 shots in canister and release in water about midway down. Canister should float above water level.
  2. Place 9 shots in canister and release in water about midway down in water. Canister should rise to water level and stay.
  3. Place small shot with 9 large shots in canister. Before placing in water ask students to predict what will happen? Continue to flot? Hover in the middle? Sink to the bottom?
  4. Place canister in water and release midway. Canister should slowly sink to the bottom.

Air Resistance Balloons

Demo: FM-C-AR
Pira Index: 2C 30.00

 Lab Equipment  Directions
  1.  4 balloons (of same size and type)
  2. string (18″)
2 balloons each d=10 cm, 1 with penny inside
2 balloons d=6cm, d=12 cm attached by string
  1.  Blow 2 similar balloons to 10cm diameter. Put a penny in one balloon. Drop both at same time and compare fall rate.
  2. Blow one balloon to 12cm diameter and one to 6cm diameter. Attach the 2 balloons with about 18″ of string. Drop at same time and compare fall rate.


Water Multiplier

Demo: FM-B-WM
Pira Index: 2B 60.35

 Lab Equipment  Directions
  1.  water multiplier apparatus
  2. funnel
  3. 2 liter beaker
  4. 2 liter beaker
  5. lab jack
(The apparatus has been prefilled with water to dashed line)

  1. Adjust jack stand to enable spout of apparatus to pour into 2 liter beaker.
  2. Place the funnel in the hole on top of the apparatus.
  3. Pour water into funnel until some begins to drain out of the lower exit.
  4. Observe that much more water exits the apparatus than was poured in.


Water Level

Demo: FM-B-WL
Pira Index: 2B 20.45

 Lab Equipment  Directions
  1.  2 connected bottle of colored water
  2. 2 x 4 block
  1.  Make sure the water levels are even in the 2 bottles. Place one bottle on the block, the other on the table beside it.
  2. Remove stoppers from both bottles. Water will find one level.
  3. Replace stoppers and remove the block so that the bottles set at the same height.
  4. Remove stoppers and again water finds one level.


Weight of Air

Demo: FM-B-WA
Pira Index: 2B 40.45

 Lab Equipment  Directions
  1.  weight of air can
  2. vacuum pump
  3. triple beam or pan balance
  1.  Weight can on scale.
  2. Attach vacuum pump to can and evacuate air.
  3. Close valve on can and disconnect.
  4. Reweigh the can. Note the difference in weights.


Two-Liter Crush

Demo: FM-B-TL
Pira Index: 2B 30.00

 Lab Equipment  Directions
  1.  2 liter bottle of water with attached hose
  2. large plastic beaker
  1.  Place the hose in the bucket and hold bottle high above it.
  2. Watch the air pressure collapse the bottle.
  3. Lift the bucket of water above bottle keeping the hose submerged in the water.
  4. The bottle will refill due to a siphoning effect.


Suction Cups in Vacuum

Demo: FM-B-SC
Pira Index: 2B 30.36

 Lab Equipment  Directions
  1.  Rubber suction cups with string attached
  2. vacuum jar with velcro in top
  3. vacuum pump
  1.  Hang the rubber suction cup from the velcro in the top of the vacuum jar.
  2. Press the second suction cup to the first.
  3. Place the vacuum jar on its base and start the vacuum pump.
  4. When the air pressure is removed, the cups will fall apart.


Rubber Sheet and Hook

Demo: FM-B-RH
Pira Index: 2B 30.50

 Lab Equipment  Directions
  1.  rubber sheet with attached knob
  2. small cart
  3. smooth food service tray
  1.  Press the sheet firmly in the center of the smooth surface on top of the cart (or tray), eliminating all air pockets.
  2. Use the bar to try and life the sheet vertically off of the cart. Make sure to hold the bar level so as to pull only straight up.
  3. After lifting the cart, peel off the rubber sheet from a corner to show that it is not stuck down.
Caution: If the lifting force gets off center, the cart may fall.