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Velocity Magnifier

Demo: EM-H-VM
Pira Index: 5H 20.00

 Lab Equipment  Directions
  1.  5 ball bearings
  2. 2 neodymium magnets
  3. Ruler with track down the middle
  1.  Line up the balls and magnets on the ruler as shown
  2. Pull the single ball back to the end of the slightly tilted ruler and release it. Observe as it slowly rolls down the ruler and strikes the line of balls.
  3. When it strikes keep your eye on the ball at the opposite end.

Solenoid Pull

Demo: EM-H-SP
Pira Index: 5H 25.25

 Lab Equipment  Directions
  1.  Electromagnetic solenoid
  2. Edison cell battery
  3. 1000g spring scale
  4. Metal rod with tape attachment
  5. Lab pole – 4′
  6. Telescope clamp
  7. 90 degree clamp
  8. 3 finger clamp-large
  1.  Set up as shown with the core hanging just slightly inside the solenoid coil. Do not connect the Edison cell. Note the reading on the scale.
  2. Connect one post of the Edison cell and touch the other alligator lead to the opposite post. The rod is pulled into the solenoid. Note the new scale reading.
  3. Reverse the current and notice that the effect is the same.


Current Coil, OHP

Demo: EM-H-SC
Pira Index: 5H 40.20

 Lab Equipment  Directions
  1.  2 Edison batteries
  2. Coil of copper wire
  3. 3 AA leads
  4. Overhead projector
  1.  Connect 2 batteries and coil in series as shown.
  2. Place coil on OHP.
  3. Touch the loose connection to the battery momentarily. (Don’t attach it-just touch it)
  4. Watch the coil of wire quickly contract as current flows through it.


Right Hand Rule

Demo: EM-H-RH
Pira Index: 5H 15.13

 Lab Equipment  Directions
  1.  Magnetic force accelerator, rods, block
  2. HBS power supply
  3. 2 BA leads
Optional: Tilt ramp by inserting the green block under either end; compare current reading with untilted measurement.
  1.  Connect as shown
  2. Turn the power supply up to 6 volts.
  3. Using the right hand rule – predict the direction the small tube will roll on the rails. (N-poleof the magnets is up)
  4. Lay the smallest diameter aluminum rod across the rails. Verify the predicted direction and notice the current level on the meter.
  5. Repeat step 4 for the other diameter tubes.


Magnetic Field Demonstrator, OHP

Demo: EM-H-MO
Pira Index: 5H 10.30

 Lab Equipment  Directions
  1.  Magnetic field demonstrator
  2. Bar magnet
  1.  Tilt the magnetic field demonstrator (plexiglass enclosing a suspended solution of iron filings) until the iron filings are fairly evenly dispersed.
  2. Place a bar magnet on the overhead projector and place the magnetic field demonstrator on top of the magnet.
  3. Tap the plexiglass causing the iron filings to float into positions indicating the magnetic field.


Magnet Cube and Tube

Demo: EM-H-MA
Pira Index: 5H 10.31

 Lab Equipment  Directions
  1.  Magnetic field demo cube
  2. Overhead projector
  3. Mysterious magnet tube
  1.  Shake magnetic field demo cube with magnet removed.
  2. Place on overhead projector and place magnet inside.
  3. Watch the filings align to magnetic field lines.
  4. With the magnet inside the middle hole, tilt mysterious magnet tube back and forth.
  5. Observe the iron filings.